Broadband Association of North Dakota (BAND) Announces New Executive Director

The Broadband Association of North Dakota (BAND) has appointed Carissa Swenson as the organization’s next Executive Director, effective August 8, 2022. Swenson will lead the organization in its ongoing mission to represent the interests of the rural broadband and telecommunications carriers across the State. 

Swenson previously worked as a consultant in the broadband industry and served on the board of Consolidated Telcom in Dickinson, ND. Lorena Lambrecht, BAND Board President, believes that Swenson’s knowledge and expertise in the ever-evolving telecommunications industry has prepared her well for this new role.

“Carissa brings a combination of experiences, skills, and education that the Board feels will very specifically help us tell the story of our members’ many amazing technological accomplishments in rural North Dakota. In addition, Carissa’s time on a cooperative board gave her perspective on the challenges we face. The Board is very excited for Carissa to take our organization into the future.”  

Swenson is a resident of Bismarck, North Dakota, and a graduate of Dickinson State University. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology from St. Joseph’s University. 

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and the challenge that the BAND Board has entrusted me with today,” Swenson said. “I am humbled to continue the tremendous legacy of my predecessor, David Crothers, in representing the rural broadband and telecommunications industry. It is an exciting time to be in our industry and I look forward to working with our dedicated members to ensure that our success continues.” 

Swenson will succeed David Crothers, who served as BAND’s Executive Director from 1988 until his death in April 2022. Crothers played an integral role in creating the nationally recognized broadband network available in North Dakota today.

BAND has represented the interests of rural voice, video, and broadband service providers in North Dakota since 1953. To learn more about BAND, visit