2023 Industry Calendar

January 17:BAND Board Meeting
BAND Headquarters
Mandan, ND

February 19-22:

NTCA Rural Telecom Industry and Expo Meeting
San Diego, CA

March 7:

BAND Board Meeting
BAND Headquarters
Mandan, ND
March 23:Red River Communications Annual Meeting
Abercrombie, ND
April 2-4:NTCA Telecom Executive Forum
St. Petersburg, FL
April 11:BAND Board Meeting
BAND Headquarters
Mandan, ND
April 16-18:NTCA Legislative and Policy Conference
Washington, DC
April 23-26:WTA Spring Educational Forum
Napa, CA
April 30-May 3:NTCA Marketing and Sales Conference
Austin, TX
May 9-11:NDTA Tri-State TOC Conference
Fargo, ND

June 2:

West River Telecommunications Annual Meeting
Hazen, ND

June 8:

Dakota Central Telecom Annual Meeting
Carrington, ND

Polar Communications Annual Meeting
Park River, ND

BEK Communications Annual Meeting
Steele, ND

June 15:

RTC Annual Meeting
New Town, ND

SRT Annual Meeting
Minot, ND

June 20:NCC Annual Meeting
Ray, ND
June 21:Consolidated Annual Meeting
Dickinson, ND
June 29:Nemont Annual Meeting
Scobey, MT
July 10:BAND Board Meeting
Medora, ND
July 10-12:BAND Summer Conference
Medora, ND
July 18:NTCA Women in Telecom Fly-In
Washington, DC
July 23-26:NTCA Summer Symposium
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

July 26:

United Communications Annual Meeting
American Legion
Langdon, N.D.

Co-Op Day at State Fair
Minot, ND

July 30-August 2:NTCA Summer Symposium
Bloomington, MN

August 21-24:

NTCA HR+Benefits Conference
National Harbor, MD

September 10-13:

WTA Fall Educational Forum
Coeur d'Alene, ID

September 12:

BAND Board Meeting
BAND Headquarters
Mandan, ND
September 24-27:NTCA Fall Conference
Boston, MA
October 19:DRN Annual Meeting
Ellendale, ND
December 4:BAND Board Meeting
Marriott Delta
Fargo, ND
December 4-6:BAND Annual Meeting
Marriott Delta
Fargo, ND